As explained in the licence agreement, the use of the Software should be referenced as:

Vonrhein, C., Flensburg, C., Keller, P., Sharff, A., Smart, O.,
Paciorek, W., Womack, T. & Bricogne, G. (2011). Data processing and
analysis with the autoPROC toolbox. Acta Cryst. D67, 293-302.

The paper is available as open access in HTML or as PDF.

The use of STARANISO as part of autoPROC should be referenced as

Tickle, I.J., Flensburg, C., Keller, P., Paciorek, W., Sharff, A.,
Vonrhein, C., Bricogne, G. (2018). STARANISO. Cambridge, United
Kingdom: Global Phasing Ltd.

Please also cite all references to external software packages used within the autoPROC pipeline. Those references are given at the top of summary.html and standard output - as well as in the relevant log files.


The data-processing program package XDS is developed by W. Kabsch at the MPI for Medical Research, Heidelberg/DE and K. Diederichs at University of Konstanz/DE.


The scaling program AIMLESS and the analysis program POINTLESS are developed by P. Evans at the LMB in Cambridge/UK.