This has been resolved with the 15th July 2015 snapshot release.

Note: the next snapshot/release will contain a GPX2 binary for OS-X.

With the snapshot release of 16th June 2015, we introduced a visualiser for predictions (positions and shapes); GPX2. This is currently only available under Linux (we are working on providing a OS-X version real soon). It is possible to run autoPROC on a OS-X machine, eg. using

% process ... -d 01 | tee 01.lis

and visualise the results under Linux. For that one needs to set the environmental variables


to point to the working Linux binaries of those programs. The easiest is to run the following on Linux - assuming you have a working autoPROC installation:

# for tcsh/csh:
% setenv xparm2simin xparm2simin
% setenv simcal_predict simcal_predict
% setenv gpx gpx2

# for bash:
% export xparm2simin=xparm2simin
% export simcal_predict=simcal_predict
% export gpx=gpx2

Then running eg.

% 01/status/06_process/

should work as expected.