Known Issues in 20170508 autoPROC release:


Please also check the autoPROC home page and the news page for updates and snapshot releases.

Bruker Photon-II data

Data from the Bruker Photon-II detector is supported within autoPROC with the exception of the GPX2 viewer. Therefore, no prediction images are currently generated and warning messages appear for the moment on standard output. To avoid this run autoPROC with

% process ... autoPROC_CreateGpxPictures=no ..

A further limitation is that at least up to 17th March 2017, images defined as

###CBF: VERSION 1.7.10
# CBF file written by CBFlib v0.9.5

have incorrect definitions for the detector Y-axis in the header: this was done to support other software packages that read the image header incorrectly or ignores it alltogether. Since autoPROC will take the full imgCIF/CBF image header as-is (and assumes it is correct), you currently need a fudge-factor to correct for this:

% process ... autoPROC_Imgcif2Xds_DetYFactor=-1 autoPROC_CreateGpxPictures=no ...

We do not know which instruments are affected by that nor when this inconsistency in image headers will be corrected (either through detector software upgrades or site-specific changes of configuration).