Using ADXV to define untrusted regions

First start ADXV to look at the image, eg. with

% adxv J11C05b3_12_001.img

This will show the control panel


and the full image:


Since we're going to be interested in the beamstop, we can zoom in by selecting the "100%" button:


which will show the center of the image enlarged (note: you can use the middle mouse button to pan the image):


Now we need to find the minimum and maximum values in the X and Y direction to describe the enclosing rectangle for an elliptical beamstop mask:

Direction Minimum Maximum
X adxv_06.png adxv_07.png
Y adxv_08.png adxv_09.png

This gives us the values for the XDS keyword UNTRUSTED_ELLIPSE. We set this in autoPROC using

% process autoPROC_XdsKeyword_UNTRUSTED_ELLIPSE="1452 1616 1443 1623" ...