In the examples below we use % to symbolise the command prompt (to show that this needs to be typed in a terminal) and it should not be typed as such.


Installation of the software is very easy and the instructions are given in detail during the download. Please follow those instructions as close as possible. Some additional notes:

            % chmod 0644 .licence


This is also described in the installation instructions on the download pages. The best check is to run

% process -checkdeps

in a terminal. This should check external applications and (hopefully) not report any ERROR. When running

% process -h

it should give the online help about command-line options and some pointer to the locally installed documentation.

If there is a message about licensing issues, it could be for one of two reasons:

  1. the licence has expired
  2. there is no licence key for the current machine (should not apply for academic users using an autoPROC release as of 16th March 2015 or later)

Academic users can renew their existing licence from the main autoPROC page very easily.

Further information

The main source of user information is this autoPROC wiki. The developers can be contacted via the email address.