Known issues in the 20150812 autoPROC snapshot release

Fixed in the snapshot from 20150923.

A reference to a script function aP_pre sneaked into the snapshot release. The effect is that the final statistics from are not printed, but replaced by an error message like:

 NOTE : re-running CORRECT step with updated parameters from
 $autoPROC_home/autoPROC/bin/linux64/ line 1628: aP_pre: command not found
 $autoPROC_home/autoPROC/bin/linux64/ line 1631: aP_pre: command not found
 NOTE : there could be a strong anomalous signal in this
        dataset (because the CHI^2 values in
        beta-20/CORRECT.LP are rather large). You might want
        to consider setting ExpectLargeHeavyAtomSignal="yes"
        on the command-line?

To work around this issue you can add a dummy script function to the shell library located in $autoPROC_home/lib by the commands below. This should be performed as the UNIX user who did the original installation.

# Enter the subdirectory autoPROC of location where the snapshot is installed:
% cd $autoPROC_home/autoPROC

# Make a backup copy of the original 
% cp -p lib/ lib/

# Append the dummy script function
% cat >> lib/ < e
aP_pre () {
    awk '{print}'

# Check the difference -- it should look like this:
% diff -u lib/ lib/
--- lib/  2014-02-04 18:27:15.000000000 +0000
+++ lib/       2015-09-09 09:57:56.218307497 +0100
@@ -2436,3 +2436,6 @@
+aP_pre () {
+    awk '{print}'

This issue will be corrected in the next snapshot. Many thanks to the user who reported this issue!