You should have your autoPROC reference card at hand to have a good idea how to get started on your own datasets. If you want to use some of the supplied example datasets, have a look in /home/Xtal/Tutorials/GPhL:

Remember that you will be running the program from the command-line, so you need to have a terminal window open. Test it then via

% process -h

If a set of images are compressed, just copy them over and uncompress them a la

% rsync -av /home/Xtal/Tutorials/GPhL/1o22 .
% gunzip 1o22/*gz

It is also useful to view the plots produced by autoPROC: these are all in PNG format and you could use the display program to view them, eg. as

% display 01/*.png

or similar.

If you want to follow an online example, see eg 1o22.