We are in the so-called "Blue cubicle" close to the library (see "Sharp" on floor plan)



Here we will collect some information regarding use of our software (during tutorials or when using it on your own) that is particular to the setup during RapiData 2014.

Since not much has changed in the beamline setups, the following tutorials are still the best starting points:

We will try and keep this page here up-to-date as we get settled in during the course.

Tutorial schedule

We are doing tutorials for SHARP/autoSHARP (as well as autoPROC) in X23-room on

Any other time might also be possible - just find us if you have a problem, collected some data during the course or want to get more information, get a demo etc ...


If you can type

% process -h

in a terminal, then everything should be setup correctly.