BUSTER-TNT Documentation Roadmap

Chapter 1: still useful.
Chapter 2: outline still relevant, but all tasks should now be approached via the command-line flags of the autoBUSTER 'refine' command. The maximum-entropy completion feature is undergoing remediation and is not currently advisable.
Chapter 3: completely obsolete, as the BUFFET Graphical User Interface is now superseded by autoBUSTER.
Chapter 4: ditto: this is all done "under the bonnet" by autoBUSTER.
Chapter 5: Although the LIST.html file is still produced and is referred to by the autoBUSTER output, the documentation in this chapter needs much updating: e.g. the R-factor formula is obsolete (R-values are computer on observational, not absolute, scale) and the original TNT parametrisation of anisotropic scaling has been replaced by a standard one.
Appendix A: still valid, but the TNT treatment of NCS is superseded by its treatment in Gelly by means of LSSR, to which autoBUSTER gives access via the -autoncs flag.
Appendix B: may still be of interest.
Appendix C: now completely obsolete.
Tutorials: those contained in the original distribution have been withdrawn. For new ones, and for examples or other materials of a similar nature, please refer to the BUSTER wiki.
Last modified: 27.01.2011