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Acknowledgements and licencing of third-party code

The BUSTER development group would like to acknowledge the following third-party code that is included in this distribution of MakeTNT:

Special considerations for code distributed under the GPL and LGPL

Some of the libraries listed here are distributed to you by Global Phasing Ltd. under various versions of the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) or the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public Licence), which entitles you to recieve the source code of those libraries. In addition to using the links suggested above, you may obtain that source code directly from Global Phasing Ltd. To do this, please consult the web page that you used to download this distribution of MakeTNT. If you did not download MakeTNT from Global Phasing's web site but received it in some other way, contact us at Obtaining the source code from Global Phasing Ltd. other than from a download location provided by Global Phasing Ltd. may incur a fee payable by you not exceeding the cost of media, packaging and shipping.

The terms of the GPL or LGPL do not apply to any part of the MakeTNT distribution except as noted on this page.

Please note that if you re-distribute libraries in binary or object form that you have received under the terms of the GPL and/or LGPL, those licences also apply to your re-distribution. In particular, you are obliged to either re-distribute the source code yourself, or otherwise make the source code available to anyone who receives those libraries from you. Please see and consult the text of the licences themselves for more information.