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General Information

MakeTNT is a Java-based command line tool for converting restraints stored in Refmac and XPLOR format to TNT-restraints. From Release 1.5.1 on, it has the options to

Command Line Switches and Arguments

Conversion Mechanism:

This is how MakeTNT will generate the various TNT specific geometry definitions (see also the TNT manual)

Therefore, the different options for the -size argument will give:


Using PDB2TNT in its default mode, the following output files are written into the working directory: With the -CCP4 flag, you will obtain: If you choose the -Odict option, you will produce: If you choose -Odict, -ODB <O-database>: Submitting a PDB-file (-PDBTOR <pdb-file>) in addition to the dictionary file will enable


Example input files are included in the samples/maketnt subdirectory of your MakeTNT-toolkit distribution. Also included are TNT-dictionary files converted by MakeTNT. To test the commands listed below, enter the respective subdirectory and run the following commands:
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