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MakeTNT in a Nutshell

Copyright © 2004-2008 Global Phasing Limited

All rights reserved.

This software is proprietary to and embodies the
confidential technology of Global Phasing Limited (GPhL).
Possession, use, duplication or dissemination of the software is
authorised only pursuant to a valid written licence from GPhL.

Author: (2004-2008) M. Brandl

MakeTNT is a toolkit to automatically generate geometrical parameters (MakeTNT, PDB2TNT, MakeLINK, etc.) for modelling and refinement in BUSTER, Refmac, O and Coot.

Restraints for Ligands/Single Residues

Tool Input Format
MDL2TNT MDL (3D coordinates)
MOL22TNT MOL2 (Tripos)
EditTNT TNT-restraints
EditREFMAC Refmac-restraints

Restraints for Links : MakeLINK/PDB2TNT

Maria Brandl,<>
Last modification: 20.02.06