autoBUSTER Example Application: forcing a zinc ion site to be tetrahedral using utility distance and angle restraints

These are preliminary notes on an initial examination in January 2008. They need to be worked up into a proper tutorial.

2a0f seems a likely target with problematic zinc sites

  • structure of a Aspartate carbamoyltransferase at 2.9 Å resolution.
    • pdb quotes Rwork21.7%, free 27.9%, P321 a=b=120.45Å c=155.24Å
    • higher resolution related structure with deposited SF 1d09 at 2.4Å similar cell. Molprobity %Rama Out=1.63%, score 3.21.
    • Also 2air 2.0Å resolution H3 cell Molprobity %Rama Out=2.51%, score 3.32
  • initial refinements show this is a fairly awful structure. B factors of B, C and D chains high. Correlation much worse for this than the A chain?
run Rwork/Rfree Molprobity %Rama Out/score
initial pdb 0.250/0.250(1) 8.96%/4.39
2a0f_001_control.log 0.2236/0.3269 11.39%/4.70
2a0f_002_autoncs.log 0.2743/0.2966 5.86%/4.39
2a0f_003_autoncs_target1d09.log 0.2843/0.2881 2.43%/3.75
2a0f_004_autoncs_break_SSBOND.log 0.2521/0.3302 5.97%/4.53
2a0f_005_autoncs_break_SSBOND_metal_restraints.log 0.2563/0.3259 6.42%/4.50
2a0f_006_autoncs_target1d09_break_SSBOND.log 0.2785/0.2970 2.32%/3.62
2a0f_007_autoncs_target1d09_break_SSBOND_metal_restraints 0.2785/0.2964 2.31%/3.61
  • Using the restraints produces marginally improved refinement stats.

(1) no free set in data

  • Observation automated weight procedure mucked by the target cutins - reason produces big movements that effect bond length. Need to advise setting constant X-ray weight until structure stabilizes.
run final X-ray weight
2a0f_001 1234
2a0f_002 738
2a0f_003 100
2a0f_004 2025
2a0f_005 1620
2a0f_006 184
2a0f_007 184

  • Tuesday 28-01-2008
    • look at the zinc sites for the runs 004, 005 - with autoncs but no target.
  • 004- breaking spurious disulfide and refinement sorts out a not to bad tetrahedral site around B site zinc even in the absence of restraints. Distances of SG 2.49,2.49,2.78,3.20.
    • problem in B site is a nonsense water W296 that gets to within 2.34 of zinc. This starts in 2a0f with 2.15 of B141 N and with five atoms within 2.7Å
    • Restraints have more effect in D site pulling D141 CYS into coordination - density really poor around this this though.
    • May be that D chain improperly placed?

  • Water positions in 2a0f very suspect and likely to prevent sensible movement -

for the metal sorting example B site is mucked up by W296.

  • so do a further set of runs same as before with a constant X-ray weight of 1200 and no water:
run Rwork/Rfree Molprobity %Rama Out/score
initial pdb 0.258/0.263(1) 8.96%/4.39
2a0f_nohoh_001_control 0.2345/0.3413 13.94%/4.81
2a0f_nohoh_002_autoncs 0.2532/0.3239 7.52%/4.55
2a0f_nohoh_003_autoncs_target1d09 0.2769/0.2894 2.10%/3.71
2a0f_nohoh_004_autoncs_break_SSBOND 0.2501/0.3351 10.51%/4.70
2a0f_nohoh_005_autoncs_break_SSBOND_metal_restraint 0.2516/0.3338 10.84%/4.68
2a0f_nohoh_006_autoncs_target1d09_break_SSBOND 0.2686/0.2981 2.88%/3.73
2a0f_nohoh_007_autoncs_target1d09_break_SSBOND_metal_restraints 0.2635/0.3027 2.32%/3.52
  • Produce picture of metal sites for runs 000 (original pdb map), 004, 005:

2a0f_znb_orig.png 2a0f_znb_fix_no_rest.png 2a0f_znb_fix_rest.png

    • contoured at 1.5 sigma
    • for the record look at ligand-metal-ligand angles for no restraints or restrained:
ligand B114 SG B138 SG B141 SG
B109 SG 113,110 112,108 118,115
B114 SG 95,98 107,108
B138 SG 111,116
  • For comparison record density around ZN site in D chain - very weak density, whole chain not correctly placed or disordered? 2a0f_znd_fix_rest.png

(Impression of 2a0f is that A chain is well placed this is next to ZN binding domain from B chain - reasonable but as one works along C chain and D chain things get worse and worse. Chains are not placed at all reasonably.) Maybe worth looking to see whether it is possible to do properly someday.

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