Student level introduction to autoBUSTER tutorial

Getting starting with coot

  • Also see for Paul Emsley's getting started tutorial.
  • To load a pdb file use "File" "Open coordinates"
  • To load a map it is best to use the "File" "Auto Open MTZ" and load the mtz file (refine.mtz).
  • To go to a particular atom use the "Draw" "Go to atom" option.

using the mouse to control the view.

  • To get hints about how to use the mouse to rotate, translate, change map contour levels etc select "About" "Hints"
  • practice
    • rotating the view (click and drag left mouse button)
    • translating the view (hold Control key and then drag left mouse button).
    • zoom in and out (drag right mouse button).
    • changing the slab. (hold Control and drag right mouse button).
    • label atoms (hold Shift key then left mouse button click on the atom).
    • recenter on an atom (middle mouse button click on atom).
    • change the contour level with the middle mouse wheel if you have one.
Using the "Display Manager"
  • you can find the "Display Manager" on the top title bar or in the "Draw" menu.
    • coot_display_manager.png