How to cite use of grade

  • grade uses the CCDC mogul program, reference details for mogul
  • grade was first described in a talk to the CCP4 Study Weekend, 6 January 2011. online abstract talk given on page: AutobusterLigandQMCite
  • We are currently preparing publications describing grade and will add details to this page when available!
  • For now please use this reference:
O. S. Smart, T. O. Womack, A. Sharff, C. Flensburg, 
P. Keller, W. Paciorek, C. Vonrhein, and G. Bricogne.
(2011) grade, version] /?????/.
 Cambridge, United Kingdom, Global Phasing Ltd.,
    • replace the version number with the number that appears when you run
grade -h
    • For bibtex users:
   author="Smart, O. S. and  Womack, T. O. and Sharff, A. and Flensburg, C. and Keller, P. and
           Paciorek,  W. and Vonrhein, C. and Bricogne, G.",
   title="grade, version 1.1.1",

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