Known Issues in 20140512 BUSTER release

MakeTNT (OSX install only) - 20140605

The incorrect specification of an absolute rather than relative path in the header of the dynamic gcj library included in the distribution results in MakeTNT being unable to run.

An ERROR message beginning:

dyld: _dyld_bind_fully_image_containing_address() error
dyld: Symbol not found: ___emutls_get_address

will appear during installation process as a result of a test of MakeTNT. However the installation will continue and correctly install all of the other components of BUSTER. Furthermore, the affected programs are not invoked as part of a typical use of BUSTER.

This problem can be corrected, post-installation, by the following procedure:

NOTE: This procedure must be carried out from the same user account that was used to install the software, as it will require write access to the installation directories.

1) source the setup.(c)sh script in the top level of the installation directory and then run the command

echo $BDG_home

and confirm that $BDG_home is defined

2) Now run the following command to correct the problem:

install_name_tool -change \
 /public/sw/gcc-4.5.1/Darwin10.4.0-i386-perutz/lib/libgcc_s.1.dylib \
@rpath/libgcc_s.1.dylib $BDG_home/MakeTNT/lib/darwin/libgcj.11.dylib

3) Confirm that MakeTNT will run:

MakeTNT -h

should output usage instructions.

The above issue was fixed in the 12th June 2014 snapshot release

Installation on Redhat/CentOS 7 - 20150316

Buster-report requires the installation of both xmgrace and pymol for full functionality.

Neither of these are included in the main Redhat/CentOS distributions, but are provided in the additional EPEL repositories.

However, xmgrace and pymol are not currently present in the EPEL repositories for Redhat/CentOS 7.

Both xmgrace and pymol will have to be built locally from source in order to provide full functionality for buster-report.

Installation on Ubuntu 14.xx - 20150316

The current Ubuntu installation instructions were developed and tested on Ubuntu 12.04lts.

We are aware of two particular issues in installation on Ubuntu 14.xx systems.

Both of these issues relate to section 2 in the Ubuntu installation instructions - "Ubuntu Packages" - and stem from two of the required packages having been superseded (icedtea6-plugin has been replaced by icedtea-7-plugin) or removed (ia32-libs) in Ubuntu 14.xx

The solution is to download and use the modified package list gphl_package_list.txt in place of the file listed on the Ubuntu 12.04 installation instructions.