autoBUSTER Example Application: CYS-CYS alternate conformations where one disulfide is bonded and the other broken



Starting Files
SSBOND   1 CYS A  232    CYS A  245
SSBOND   2 CYS B  232    CYS B  245
SSBOND   3 CYS C  232    CYS C  245
SSBOND   4 CYS D  232    CYS D  245
SSBOND   5 CYS E  232    CYS E  245
SSBOND   6 CYS F  232    CYS F  245

Possibility A: remove all restraints across the disulfide
EXCLUDE A|232 A|245
EXCLUDE B|232 B|245
EXCLUDE C|232 C|245
EXCLUDE D|232 D|245
EXCLUDE E|232 E|245
EXCLUDE F|232 F|245
structure Rwork/Rfree MolProbity Ramachandran favored MolProbity score
pdb 0.1843/0.2423 94.52% 2.81
003_autoncs_followon (previous step) 0.1875/0.2234 95.50% 3.01
004_remove_all_restraints 0.1856/0.2213 95.94% 3.04

Possibility B: create alternate conformations and use utility distance restraints to make one disulfide bonded and the other reduced

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