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  1. Introduction
  2. Quick(est) installation of CCP4
  3. Fine tuning
  4. Some notes
  5. Unsorted list of changes
  6. What doesn't work at the moment


These are my CCP4 related pages that might be helpful getting you started with a complete installation of CCP4. The various pages cover installation under Linux (Intel/ix86), IRIX and Tru64 (aka Digital Unix). A variety of compilers can be used and the setup is capable of dealing with multi-machine, multi-OS scenarios.

IMPORTANT: you should be aware, that CCP4 is a licensed product. Please make sure you've read the academic and/or commercial license info! All information on this page(s) assumes that you are entitled to download and install the CCP4 release.

VERY IMPORTANT: I don't intend to support this in any way. But if you find (and fix) some problems I would be glad if you'll let me know. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the resulting binaries will work correctly: if in doubt please use the 'official' binaries/sources from CCP4.

Quick(est?) installation of CCP4

  1. decide where you want to install CCP4 (e.g. in /public/xtal) and go there
          % cd /public/xtal
  2. download the script to this directory

  3. make the script executable, e.g.
          % chmod +x ./
  4. run the script - this will install everything in subdirectory ccp4-A.B.C (where A.B.C is the current CCP4 release; e.g. /public/xtal/ccp4-5.0.2). It will test your installed compilers, download a few patches for the relevant CCP4 version (currently about 5Mb for CCP4 4.2, 700k for CCP4 4.2.1, 130k for CCP4 4.2.2 and 40k for CCP4 5.0.2), compile and install (optionally with the tcl/tk and BLT stuff needed for the ccp4i) everything. It will also download the official CCP4 tar.gz file (from if not already there.
          % ./
  5. you can run this script (in the same location, e.g. in /public/xtal) on different platforms: binary files are kept in different locations
To use the resulting installation, add the following to your startup files (~/.login, ~/.cshrc, ~/.profile or whatever):
source /public/xtal/ccp4-5.0.2/include/ccp4.setup-csh     # for csh/tcsh
. /public/xtal/ccp4-5.0.2/include/ccp4.setup-sh           # for sh/ksh/bash
To force the setup script to use a specific set of binaries:
setenv CSYSTEM linux-lf95
source /public/xtal/ccp4-5.0.2/include/ccp4.setup-csh     # for csh/tcsh
export CSYSTEM
. /public/xtal/ccp4-5.0.2/include/ccp4.setup-sh           # for sh/ksh/bash
(you can see a list of available binaries e.g. doing ls $CCP4/bin)

Fine tuning

Some notes

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