[buster-discuss] buster-report users: future of MolProbity?

Oliver Smart osmart at globalphasing.com
Wed Feb 11 19:13:37 CET 2015

If you find MolProbity a useful tool (for instance as 
part of buster-report) then please look at the statement
at the top of


The statement reads:

     "URGENT: For the survival of MolProbity, we need your supporting
     comments or letters. The MolProbity renewal NIH grant scored
     well but not well enough, and reviewers specifically
     asked for more user feedback. Please send us your stories about
     how you use MolProbity, why you value it, and how it has helped your
     research. We are resubmitting the grant -- to maintain the resource,
     update features, and develop new ways to help people do much
     better at low resolution.

     Send to david.richardson at duke.edu, before February 20 -- either a
     formal letter of support, or just useful, quotable comments
     in email. "

I find MolProbity very useful and am just drafting such an email.

Apologies for cross-posting this message but wanted to make sure that all
those who could help were aware.



Dr Oliver Smart
Consultant Global Phasing Ltd
& Director SmartSci Limited

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