[buster-discuss] New snapshot release of the BUSTER package (including Pipedream)

Gerard Bricogne gb10 at globalphasing.com
Fri Mar 20 13:51:51 CET 2015

    Dear BUSTER users,

          This is just a brief note to draw your attention to the
    latest snapshot release of our software, dated March 16.

    To download this new snapshot follow the 'download' link [A] from the
    BUSTER homepage at: https://www.globalphasing.com/buster/

    The current access credentials for the download page can be retrieved
    following the 'password' link [B] and specifying your email address
    as used for requesting your initial BUSTER licence.

    Use the other facilities (reminder,renewal) if you do not remember
    your initial request ID and/or you do not have a active licence.

    The changes included are described in full in the associated online 
    Release Notes [C].  The main updates are as follows.

      1. Overall: full compatibility with CCP4 6.5 (whose own updates in
         the meantime have incorporated fixes to bugs we found during our own

      2. In BUSTER:

         * Extension of allowed range for free flag.
         * Improvements to fetch_PDB
         * Alternate, faster and more accurate method to calculate
           Luzzati coordinate error to replace SFCHECK
         * Add reporting of resolution limits for each normal big cycle
         * Improved reporting of restraint dictionary details in
           output PDB file and buster-report
         * Updated and improved ANP and NAD restraint dictionaries
         * Numerous bug fixes.

      3. In Pipedream:

         * Restricted resolution range for rigid body refinement
         * Multiple bug fixes
         * NEW FEATURE: Pipedream will now accept multiple input models. 
           It will evaluate and select which of the input models gives
           the best agreement to the input data and will continue with
           refinement and ligand fitting with this model.

    Again, you will find the full details in the associated online Release Notes [C].

    This March 16th snapshot release is very close to becoming our next stable release.

    As always we will greatly appreciate your sending your feedback to

        BUSTER Developers <buster-develop at globalphasing.com>

    rather than writing to individual developers, who then have to remember to
    circulate to other developers the items of correspondence they have either
    received or sent individually. Thank you in advance for your care in following
    this suggestion!

    With best wishes,

    The Global Phasing developers: Gerard Bricogne, Claus Flensburg,
    Peter Keller, Wlodek Paciorek, Andrew Sharff, Oliver Smart and 
    Clemens Vonrhein

    [A]: https://www.globalphasing.com/buster/download/index.html
    [B]: https://www.globalphasing.com/buster/licence/password.html
    [C]: http://www.globalphasing.com/buster/ReleaseNotes/ReleaseNotes-BUSTER_snapshot_20150316.txt

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