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the mmcif coordinate format allows longer, and therefore more, unique chain
identifiers. That format also appears to be the default for coordinate
downloads from the pdb.  I, too, work on a project with more than 26 chains
and would welcome support for cif coordinates. Does buster already support
them or is that support under development?
Wolfram Tempel
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Subject: [buster-discuss] To many Chain IDs
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I am trying to use Buster for structure refinement, however PDBChk always
fails because of unrecognized chain IDs. One monomer of my complex is 13
chains, and I have 4 NCS-related monomers in the asymmetric unit, thus 52
total chains. It seems Buster does not like lower case chain IDs. Is there
any other method by which I can refine my structure and still utilize the
4-fold NCS with Buster?

Christopher ​

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