[sharp-discuss] FW: AutoSharp via ccp4i: borwser page won't open automatically

Boaz Shaanan bshaanan at bgu.ac.il
Wed Apr 29 13:36:00 CEST 2015

Hi Clemens,

Thanks for your prompt reply. In ccp4-6.5/share/ccp4i/etc/unix/configure.def
I have a line:

HYPERTEXT_VIEWER          _text                     firefox

Is that what you mean? It opens fine from within ccp4i (when I ask for example for doc files). Or should there be another place for this definition to look for?



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Subject: Re: [sharp-discuss] AutoSharp via ccp4i: borwser page won't open automatically

Hi Boaz,

On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 10:14:24AM +0000, Boaz Shaanan wrote:
>    When I start AutoSharp via ccp4i a message appears in the log file
>    saying:
>    # If a browser didn't automatically open the following
> # file, please open
>    with the url address. Why doesn't it open automatically? Is there
>    something wrong with some settings on my system (Sharp or ccp4i)?

It tries to open a browser by using the "Hypertext Viewer" configured
in CCP4i:

  System Administration -> Configure Interface

Please check what this is set to and if that command does work/exist
on your system.

There could be other issues, especially if you run CCP4i remotely via
a ssh session or such.

>    It's not a serious issues of course but I'm just wondering.
>    The interface to ccp4i is nice, by the way.

Good - thanks. Please make sure to check


for up-to-date information regarding CCP4 6.5 and SHARP/autoSHARP.




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