[sharp-discuss] Phasing Power, Rcullis in SHARP

Alexander Kintzer afkintzer at gmail.com
Wed May 20 04:23:02 CEST 2015


Looking to report the Phasing Power and Rcullis for a number of derivatives
used to derive experimental phases.

Found a post from Marc Schlitz 12 years ago suggesting:

RcullisAno = RMS(Dano_calc - Dano_obs)/RMS(Dano_obs)

RcullisIso = RMS(Diso_calc - Diso_obs)/RMS(Diso_obs)

PhasingPowerAno = RMS(Dano_calc)/RMS(Dano_calc - Dano_obs)

PhasingPowerIso = RMS(Diso_calc)/RMS(Diso_calc - Diso_obs)

where Dano/iso_obs are measured differences and Dano/iso_calc are
calculated differences between Fh and estimates of Fp in SHARP.

Couldn't verify this in the SHARP documentation and looks distinct from
what I have seen in CCP4 documentation. Am I off-base?

all the best,
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