SHARP 2.1.2 - release notes

  1. Introduction
  2. List of changes
  3. Installation


These are the release notes for the new 2.1.2 beta version of SHARP. It can be run in the same way as SHARP 2.0.X using the updated interface (SUSHI 3.3.x).

List of changes

  1. MTZ files

    Since this current version has been linked against the CCP4 5.0.2 set of libraries (for handling MTZ files), the MTZ files produced will have this format. Therefore, the current release has been mainly tested (and is supported) under CCP4 5.0.2 (4.2.2 might still work - but you are encouraged to update to the latest 5.0.X release of CCP4).

    Important :  Please make sure to also read the release note for the latest version of Sushi (which also contains the autoSHARP set of programs and scripts).

  2. This is a beta release

    We would be grateful for any feedback from the users.


See the main installation instructions as well as the upgrade notes at the main SHARP/autoSHARP pages., <>
Last modification: 13.12.04