Sushi 3.0.14 - release notes

This is a list of changes since the last Sushi production release (3.0.9). Please note, that autoSHARP is part of Sushi - so a lot of the changes/improvements actually concern autoSHARP and not only the interface.

Also note, that if you want to use the newly introduced viewers (like Moloc and/or XtalView) you need to

  1. run the 'newmachine' command command for each machine:
          % cd $BDG_home
          % adm/bin/newmachine <machine name>
  2. each user has to re-run the 'useSHARP' command, to add the capability to his/her ~/.mailcap file

  3. edit the $BDG_home/bin/helpers.local file (have a look at the new $BDG_home/bin/helpers.local_template file for the new items that are required for these external viewers)
So the easiest way to get everything into place properly, is to
  1. download all new packages

  2. update your existing installation:
          % cd $BDG_home
          % adm/bin/kill_server
          % ./installSHARP -u
  3. check all machines:
          % cd $BDG_home
          % foreach machine ( `ls machines/*/sharp.setup` )
            set machine=`dirname $machine`
            adm/bin/newmachine $machine
          % adm/bin/restart_server
  4. tell all users to rerun
          % $BDG_home/bin/useSHARP <user name>

Changes since version 3.0.13

Changes since version 3.0.12

Changes since version 3.0.11

Changes since version 3.0.10

Changes since version 3.0.9

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