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***              Announcement of SHARP/autoSHARP               ****

A new version of SHARP/autoSHARP (software for experimental phasing
of macromolecular crystal structures) will become available shortly
at http://www.globalphasing.com/.

 This version includes the following new features:

  * autoSHARP: a fully automated structure solution system - from
    merged data to automatic model building (uses SHARP as phasing

  * interface to ARP/wARP (see www.arp-warp.org) from SHARP output

 Existing features have been extensively improved:

 * the heavy atom refinement and phasing in SHARP is more robust and

 * the density modification protocols are significantly improved

 * autoSHARP/SHARP/SUSHI are much easier to install thanks to a
   complete rewrite of the underlying software administration system

 * allows use of a single server for submission of jobs to a
   heterogeneous cluster of machines

 * the new documentation and tutorials were also completely rewritten

For further details (including licence requests, installation notes,
download pages) see


 Best regards

   Clemens Vonrhein + Buster Development Group
Last modified: 19.05.2009