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This document explains some of the terminology used throughout the various SHARP and autoSHARP documents. Only terms that are somewhat specific to these programs are explained. For more general explanations refer to the standard textbooks.
BatchWithin the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: a time slice of data - usually a complete dataset of a specific crystal at a specific wavelength
BDG_homeThis variable points to the directory where SHARP/autoSHARP was installed. It is not necessary to set this variable (e.g. in your ~/.cshrc file), but we use it throughout the documentation.
CompoundWithin the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: a chemically unique entity.
CrystalWithin the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: an actual, physical crystal
C-SITE"chemical" site, ie the position of a G-SITE with a chemical identity attached to it, eg "Se" or "Hg".
G-SITEso-called "geometric site" which describes a position in your unit cell in terms of fractional coordinates x, y and z.
Referencethe dataset for which we assume a zero non-isomorphism and relative to which all other datasets are scaled. Also, the dataset that defines the cell parameters.
Residual map shows gradient component of log-likelihood. This map has positive density where something needs to be added to the current model, and negative density where it needs to be removed.
SHARP/autoSHARP site administratorThe person responsible at your site for installing, maintaining and configuring your SHARP/autoSHARP installation
SHARP/autoSHARP accountThe user name and password on the httpd that allows you to use SHARP/autoSHARP. This has nothing to do with your UNIX account!
SIN fileshorthand for SHARP INput file. A typical place to find these is your ~/sharpfiles/cardfiles directory.
T-SITE"tunable" site, ie a C-SITE with additional parameters occupancy and temperature factor.
WavelengthWithin the hierarchy of the SHARP input file: the wavelength data was collected on a specific crystal.

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