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Notes for users of old versions of SHARP

It is recommended to install the latest version of SHARP/autoSHARP in a separate directory and independent of the version you're currently running. This will make sure that it is configured with up-to-date pointers to other software packages (like CCP4, ARP/wARP, SHELXC/D etc).

There are three areas where it might be useful to carry over specific configurations from your existing installation into the new one:

  1. Submission mechanism
  2. If you configured your own submission mechanism (usually in $BDG_home/submit.local) it should be possible to transfer this directly into the new installation. Probably something like the following should work:

    cd /where/ever/sharp-new
    cp -pr /some/where/else/sharp-old/submit.local .
    rm sushi/submit
    ln -s ../submit.local sushi/submit
    You might want to check for changes in the submission interface by comparing the default settings of the two installations:
    diff -cr /some/where/else/sharp-old/submit /where/ever/sharp-new

  3. database of machines
  4. If you had a list of different machines configured it might be best to redo those again - although it should be possible (in principle) to copy their configurations over. However, it is very likely that all machines are very similar to each other and maybe only differ in being e.g. 32- versus 64-bit Linux machines.

    It is no longer necessary to configure each machine that the software would ever run on. There is a fallback system through some generic links (e.g. .Linux-i686, .Linux-x86_64 or plain .Linux) that will make sure that even a machine that isn't explicitely configured in the $BDG_home/machines subdirectory will fetch the most likely set of correct settings.

  5. database of users
  6. If there is a large database of users (in $BDG_home/users) and you don't want to re-create those:

Notes for users of (very) old versions of SHARP

You're still reading this ... ? It really is mostly of historical interest ...

If you have been running SHARP already for some while it is important to know some differences between these previous versions and the newer ones (SHARP < 1.4.x and/or Sushi < 3.x.x). However, by now everyone should have upgraded to this latest version of SHARP and Sushi - so are you really sure you're still running SHARP 1.3.X and Sushi 2.X?

Last modified: 28.05.2009