Please contact if you encounter any problems not mentioned here.

NOTE: we recommend using the latest CCP4 6.5 release including all updates (currently at 006) as well as the latest SHELXC/D and ARP/wARP versions.

Running on OsX with non-GNU awk gives error in (20150320)

If running on a OsX (Darwin) with a non-GNU awk binary (as is the default installed in /usr/bin/awk), you might see messages like

awk: illegal field $(), name "i"
 input record number 1, file
 source line number 1

The solution is to modify the file $SHARP_home/bin/sharp/ at line 490 from

eval "$v=\`echo \$${v}_$i | awk -v j=\$j '{if(NF>=i){print \$i}else{print \$NF}}'\`"


eval "$v=\`echo \$${v}_$i | awk -v j=\$j '{if(NF>=j){print \$j}else{print \$NF}}'\`"

(i.e. changing from "i" to "j" inside the awk construct). Running on Linux is not affected. This has been fixed for the next release.

Link created by in Results directory can be wrong (20150318)

Although the text on standard output is correct, e.g.


  [01] HA detection (SHELXC/D) :
         initial sites = autoSHARP/SHELX/1.1.hatom

  [02] HA refinement and phasing (SHARP, first run) :
         refined sites = autoSHARP/SHARP.1/hatom.pdb
         phases        = autoSHARP/SHARP.1/eden.mtz
         residual maps = autoSHARP/SHARP.1/resid.mtz

  [03] HA refinement and phasing (SHARP, final run) :
         refined sites = autoSHARP/SHARP.4/hatom.pdb
         phases        = autoSHARP/SHARP.4/eden.mtz
         residual maps = autoSHARP/SHARP.4/resid.mtz

the links for the final SHARP run will be wrong, pointing to the first SHARP run SHARP.1 instead of the final (here: SHARP.4):

autoSHARP/Results/03_eden.mtz -> ../SHARP.1/eden.mtz
autoSHARP/Results/03_hatom.pdb -> ../SHARP.1/hatom.pdb
autoSHARP/Results/03_resid.mtz -> ../SHARP.1/resid.mtz

Please use the text to get to the correct files for the final SHARP run.

No other links in Results are affected. This has been fixed for the next release.