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autoPROC Documentation : autoPROC distribution

Copyright    © 2004-2018 by Global Phasing Limited
  All rights reserved.
  This software is proprietary to and embodies the confidential technology of Global Phasing Limited (GPhL). Possession, use, duplication or dissemination of the software is authorised only pursuant to a valid written licence from GPhL.
Documentation    (2004-2018)  Clemens Vonrhein, Claus Flensburg, Wlodek Paciorek & Gérard Bricogne


Access to autoPROC

Members of the Global Phasing consortium will access autoPROC through the Global Phasing Consortium website. Academic users should go to the autoPROC page for more information.

These pages will give detailed installation instructions (and licensing information if applicable) including links to download the required files. Please ensure to follow those instructions as close as possible.


This is covered in detail in the installation instructions on the above pages and also in more generic form in the offline version of those instructions.

Testing installation

The recommended steps for testing are also described in the offline version of the installation instructions. Please make sure to refer to those if you are responsible for the installation of the software.

If you are a user, here are some quick things to check for (and then talk to your local contact responsible for installing the software):

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