Known Issues in 20170919 autoPROC release:


Please also check the autoPROC home page and the news page for updates and snapshot releases.

Bruker Photon-II data

The same issue as in previous snapshot version still seems to exist.

Spot search and/or indexing in XDS

Official XDS binaries between 20170601 and 20170720 might show a potential issue in spot search (COLSPOT stage) that could affect the ability to index correctly for some datasets (especially very weak ones it seems). This will be addressed by the XDS developers in the next set of released XDS binaries (expected very soon - as of 20170919).

'process -checkdeps' report of failure in error

When running

% process -checkdeps

the message

 WARNING : "ana_cmpmat" not found!!
 ERROR    an external program (ana_cmpmat) has not been found - see message
          above! Please ensure it is on your PATH or set its full path via the
          BDG_TOOL_ANA_CMPMAT environmental variable.
   FAIL     for ana_cmpmat! You will not be able to run autoPROC ('process') correctly!

is incorrect: the program "ana_cmpmat" is not required for running autoPROC/process. This will be fxed in the next release.