Downloads of third party source code

Some distributions of Global Phasing software include third party software whose source code we are required to make available. Please see the documentation of individual packages for more information.

Package Version Licence Download links Notes
Jmol 11.4.6 LGPL version 2.1 Official Site
Global Phasing

libgcc and libgcj from GCC
GPL version 2 + exception clauses
Official Site
Global Phasing
Mirror sites
The download from Global Phasing contains a modification to address a bug in libgcj on OS X. Please see docs/maketnt/manual/Acknowledgements.html in your BUSTER installation for details
Open Babel
GPL version 2
Official Site
Global Phasing

MolProbity from Richardson Lab
The MolProbity License
(local version)
molprobity4-4.02-528.tgz This is the original distribution that is no longer available directly from the original download page. It represents the latest version of MolProbity currently supported by buster-report.
urw-fonts-compat from baoboa
urw-fonts-compat-2.4-24.fc27.noarch.rpm See also here
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