How to cite use of BUSTER

The main citation for BUSTER (optionally using the correct version number and/or date - see output refine.pdb file or run "head $BDG_home/.version*"):

Bricogne G., Blanc E., Brandl M., Flensburg C., Keller P., Paciorek W.,
Roversi P, Sharff A., Smart O.S., Vonrhein C., Womack T.O. (2017). BUSTER
version X.Y.Z. Cambridge, United Kingdom: Global Phasing Ltd.

Replace the version number with the version that appears in the REMARK 3 of the output refine.pdb eg:

grep  PROGRAM refine_output_dir/refine.pdb 
REMARK   3   PROGRAM     : BUSTER 2.11.2

LSSR restraints as used with -autoncs and -target options are described in the paper (doi:10.1107/S0907444911056058):

Smart, O. S., Womack, T. O., Flensburg, C., Keller, P., Paciorek,
W., Sharff, A., Vonrhein, C. & Bricogne, G. (2012). Exploiting
structure similarity in refinement: automated NCS and target-
structure restraints in BUSTER. Acta Cryst. D68, 368-380.

or (originally) in the 2008 ACA abstract

Smart, O. S., Brandl, M., Flensburg, C., Keller, P., Paciorek, W.,
Vonrhein, C., Womack, T. O. & Bricogne, G. (2008). Refinement with
Local Structure Similarity Restraints (LSSR) Enables Exploitation of
Information from Related Structures and Facilitates use of NCS.
Abstr. Annu. Meet. Am. Crystallogr. Assoc., Abstract TP139, p. 117. 

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