Known Issues in 20190923 BUSTER release:


Please also check the BUSTER home page and the news page for updates and snapshot releases. Issues mostly related to external programs can still be active: please check here.

buster-report on "MapOnly" BUSTER refinements (fixed in 20191003 release)

We have noticed that running "buster-report" on a BUSTER result directory after sing "–M MapOnly" will not work - and are investigating the reasons for that. Please note that this is not a regression within this release but is also present in previous releases.

Running with "-M 20190607" (fixed in 20191003 release)

This will fail because the release is missing the previous database of B-factor correlation restraints ($BDG_home/tnt/data/bcorrel_old.dat). This can be fixed by downloading bcorrel_old.dat and saving this as

  cp bcorrel_old.dat $BDG_home/tnt/data/.
  chmod 0644 $BDG_home/tnt/data/bcorrel_old.dat

Alternatively (if you have a previous BUSTER installation available):

  cp /where/ever/BUSTER-20190607/tnt/data/bcorrel.dat $BDG_home/tnt/data/bcorrel_old.dat
  chmod 0644 $BDG_home/tnt/data/bcorrel_old.dat