Known Issues in 20200520 BUSTER release:


Please also check the BUSTER home page and the news page for updates and snapshot releases. Issues mostly related to external programs can still be active: please check here.

Occupancy refinement for C-terminal amino acid residues

If occupancy refinement for C-terminal amino-acid residues is configured (e.g. via "pdb2occ") and the C-terminal residue contains an OXT atom, this OXT atom will most likely have its occupancy fixed at the starting value (since it is internally assigned to a follow-up residue to maintain the internal notion what a peptide linkage should look like). You might therefore have to edit the output files (PDB and mmCIF) by hand to adjust the occupancy value accordingly.

Additional package needed for perl scripts eg. Pipedream. - fixed in 20200918 release

If you get the error message:

Can't locate List/ in @INC

then on CentOS (or RHEL) you can fix it by installing (as root):

% yum install perl-List-MoreUtils

On DEB-based distributions (eg. Ubuntu) do (as root):

% apt-get install liblist-moreutils-perl

Pipedream: Spaces in tag names in summary.xml - fixed in 20200918 release

The summary.xml file written by Pipedream contains some items with spaces in the tag names. Applying the following patch (please download as

% patch -p0 $BDG_home/lib/perl5/BDG/ <

will change that.

The next BUSTER release will contain this change.