UPDATE: the issues described here have been resolved in newer versions of our software. Please do not run old and unsupported software, but ensure to update to the latest version.

This page contains a list of known issues regarding the 20090722 release of our software.


BUSTER (2.8.0)


autoBUSTER (1.6.0)


"dash" as default /bin/sh

On Ubuntu Linux distributions, the standard /bin/sh is a link to dash, a shell with reduced functionality compared to the standard bash. This can lead to problems during installation and/or running of BUSTER. We are investigating this - trying to ensure correct behaviour of the next patch release on such dash-systems.

If you encounter problems during installation or while running "pdb2tls", one option is to install bash and create a different link, e.g.

sudo apt-get install bash
sudo ln -sf bash /bin/sh


There is a bug in "pdb2occ" that could result in not all required BUSTER_COMBINE cards being written (resulting in different occupancies for atoms that belong to the same alternate conformation). Please check the output file from "pdb2occ" and edit it accordingly, adding lines like


if they're missing in each alternate conformation definition.

REMARK section

The completeness for resolution ranges used in refinement (overall and highest shell) is missing from REMARK 3 section of final PDB file

rigid-body refinement

The ideal distance restraint weight is not set to zero (as intended) when doing rigid-body refinement (via the -RB command-line flag).

MakeTNT (2.4.0)