Issues with Mogul from Cambridge Structural Database System 2014


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Freeze problem with mogul used from NFSv3-mounted CSDS2014

fs:/mnt/public on /mnt/public type nfs4 (rw,bg,hard,intr,clientaddr=,addr=
fs:/home/osmart on /home/osmart type nfs (rw,addr=
lockd: server not responding, timed out
WARNING: SQLite connection is currently in autocommit mode - no user transaction to rollback...
WARNING: prepare_statement failed (code 3850) - disk I/O error (SQLITE_IOERR_LOCK) - /public/xtal/CCDC/Linux/CSD_System_2014/data/indexdb/indexDb.sqlite - /public/xtal/CCDC/Linux/CSD_System_2014/data/indexdb/indexDb.sqlite
grade -checkdeps
edited out loads of lines
 Setting tool 'mogul' to '/public/xtal/ccdc2013/bin/mogul' from environment variable $BDG_TOOL_MOGUL
	test mogul by asking for bond angle of CO2 ..
ERROR mogul was killed because it hit the CPU limit of 60 seconds.
ERROR this should not happen for this simple test!
ERROR We have found this problem if CSDS 2014 is used from a filesystem mounted
ERROR using NFSv3 because of locking problems (lockd errors reported by dmesg).
ERROR Please contact if you need advice.

Performance issue with mogul used from NFSv4-mounted CSDS2014

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