Privacy, data gathering and data protection

At Global Phasing we are making our best effort to comply strictly with the directives of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), (EU) 2016/679, that include a duty to inform you about what information we collect about you and what we do with it. We ensure that it is only used as part of the services we provide to you as a user of our software and that these data are solely used to enable us to stay in contact with you, and are never transmitted to any other entity unless due to licensing requirements (as stated explicitly on the program-specific license request pages).

Licensing of Global Phasing software

As part of the licensing, download and renewal processes for our software, we need to collect information about our licensees in order to provide a valid licence key for using and running our software. The information typically consists of the name, position, email and institutional address of the licensee - plus some technical information about the operating system and computers the software will be used on. All of this information is safely stored on our systems and will only be used to issue the correct licence and licence keys, and also to contact each licensee with announcements of new versions and updates of the licensed software.

The collection of information requires the running of some Javascript code and the setting of a cookie in your browser, that does not contain any identifiable data and is only required to ensure correct acceptance of our licence conditions when downloading our software.

Mailing lists

If you decide to subscribe to one of our mailing lists (sharp-discuss or buster-discuss), your email address (and optionally first and/or last name) is stored within the mailing list software. It is only used for sending out emails within those discussion mailing lists and is not transmitted to anybody else or used for anything else.

You can easily unsubscribe or change your subscription through the above links to the mailing list control pages.

Data collection

We do analyse the download of our software by IP address to ensure correct and legitimate use of our software by all licensees. There is no personal data collected at any time, since all download is done via a regularly changing, random and anonymous user/password system. This helps us to detect technical problems with downloads or new software releases as soon as possible.

How to find out what is stored

If you want to find out what information we have stored about you, please contact us at one of the email addresses below:

Last modification: 07.06.2018