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To help us improve all aspects about our software we need the feedback of users. Problems and/or failures are helpful as well as success stories! To give some examples of what we're interested in, a few questions about running SHARP/autoSHARP or installing SHARP/autoSHARP are given.

The best way is to send an email to with as much details as possible. Initially, please do not send us large files (we can arrange this at a later stage). For smaller files (like SIN files etc) you can easily attach them to your email.

Running SHARP/autoSHARP

We're always very interested in feedback. So if you got some results with SHARP/autoSHARP we would be thankful if you give us some information about
  1. Was it a success or didn't it work?

  2. Do you have a paper/reference about the results? Could we have a reprint (e.g. as PDF)?

  3. Which version of SHARP/autoSHARP were you using?

  4. Would you classify your project as difficult, normal or easy?

  5. Did you get better/worse results with other methods/programs?

  6. What kind of data was it? MAD? SIR(AS)? SAD? MAD + native? ...

  7. Would it be possible for us to get the merged/unmerged data for internal testing?

  8. Did you use autoSHARP or SHARP directly?

  9. Did you find it easy or was it (too) difficult to get started?

  10. Any other comment, request for future improvements?

Installing SHARP/autoSHARP

We are also interested in information that is more related to the installation of the SHARP/autoSHARP software:
  1. Was it easy to find the relevant information on our WWW server about licences and download?

  2. Did you get the necessary download information in due time?

  3. Where the instructions about requirements clear and sufficient?

  4. Did you have problems downloading all necessary files?

  5. Did you do a fresh installation or was it an upgrade?

  6. Did you have problems during the GPhL_SHARP_install.sh step?

  7. Was it easy to configure the various helper applications (via the helpers.local file)?

  8. Did the user have any problems setting up the various logfiles directories (during the useSHARP step)?

  9. Did the httpd start properly?

  10. Any other comment, request for future improvements?
Last modified: 20.07.2009