The SHARP/autoSHARP Server (ie the "httpd") is not started automatically when the machine it is installed on gets rebooted or restarted. script

After a successful installation, there should be a script in the installation directory that has the correct permissions to be executed by the same user that did the installation. All that is required to start the SHARP/autoSHARP Server (httpd) is to execute it with a command like

% /where/ever/you/installed/sharp/
  • you need to use the correct absolute path to that file
  • it needs to be executed under the same user account that installed the program in the first place (since all permissions are configured accordingly during installation)

Automatic start upon reboot/startup

Different operating systems use different startup systems during booting - so the exact way how one could have the SHARP/autoSHARP server automatically started upong system reboot/start might differ slightly. One common possibility is to add something like the following line to the /etc/rc.local file:

su -c /where/ever/you/installed/sharp/ SomeUser

which obviously needs to be adapted to your local situation:

  • /where/ever/you/installed/sharp is the installation directory of SHARP/autoSHARP
  • SomeUser is the user account under which SHARP/autoSHARP was installed