Some specific information about the SHARP/autoSHARP tutorial for the BioCrys2014 - Fundamentals of Modern Methods of BioCrystallography course.

  • you should be able to connect to http://localhost:8080/ - this should give you (after login) the so-called SHARP Control Panel.
  • please note that some external helpers (for viewing Postscript files, *.mtv plots or PDB files) are not working here. Maybe the FC20 installation as a virtual machine is not quite complete. Sorry about that: lack of time has prevented some more testing before this tutorial session ...
    • for PDB file viewing: save the PDB (eg. into your ~/Download folder) and then view it in a terminal with something like
             % coot --pdb ~/Download/buccaneer-cycle-5.pdb
    • the viewing of maps/models via Coot should 'just work'