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autoBUSTER Documentation : Installation

Copyright    © 2003-2018 by Global Phasing Limited
  All rights reserved.
  This software is proprietary to and embodies the confidential
technology of Global Phasing Limited (GPhL). Possession,
use, duplication or dissemination of the software is authorised
only pursuant to a valid written licence from GPhL.


Prerequisites & remarks

For users of SHARP/autoSHARP or users of very old versions of BUSTER-TNT it might be of interest, that no running httpd or configured user is required (although some messages might appear during the installation, stating the contrary: the http daemon is stopped immediately and should not be running after installation).

Every machine that you want to run BUSTER refine and other tools on needs an individual valid licence key (unless you are a Consortium user with a "magic" licence that works on all machines). For information on licencing please visit All the separate licence keys should be included in the file $BDG_home/.licence.


The installation, configuration of BUSTER and related tools is now dealt with in a separate set of detailed instructions..

Last modification: 15.05.2015