[buster-discuss] R32 vs H32

rams at poori.biochem.uiowa.edu rams at poori.biochem.uiowa.edu
Sat Mar 19 13:49:54 GMT 2005

Hello all,

i am trying to start buster on a protein that is indexed in the hexagonal 
setting of r32.  CCP4 calls it H32.  Buster crashes everytime saying
spacegourp symbol returned zero, space group not in table.

I know everything else is correct, if I just change the space group 
everything runs.   

The SYMOP has both R32 and H32.  The TNTdat has a h32.dat
The CRD file produced before buster crahses has nothing on the symmetry 

I have tried using both ccp4-4.2.2 and ccp4-5.0.2.  

The web site says buster only supports 4.2.2, is there a version that 
supports 5.0.2 (my guess is yes as SHARP does support 5.0.2).

thanks for all the answers.


S. Ramaswamy
Department of Biochemistry.
Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.
University of Iowa.

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