[buster-discuss] Two errors

Wei Liu wei.liu at biosci.ki.se
Fri Mar 11 10:07:13 GMT 2005

Dear all,

I installed the Linux version of Buster-TNT last week but met two errors when using it.
  1.. The script to produce TNT sequence file did not work. When I execute the following commend in Linux shell:
            $BDG_home/bin/buster/pirToSeq.pl -m < test.pir > test.seq

          It always gave me the following prompt

            pirToSeq usage: [-m] [-s offset] <PIR> <SEQ>
                -m        : the user is prompted with chain type
                            (useful in case of complexes)
                -s offset : number of first residue in PDB file
                <PIR>     : PIR file as for ARP/wARP
                <SEQ>     : output sequence file in TNT format

          The output file test.seq is empty and I have to create it by manual input.

     2.   When press Start button on http browser for a new Buster job, I always received an error message as follows.

ERROR in /home/xray/wliu/software/buster/buffet/cgi-bin/inputform.cgi

    The following return values are set:

    * Child error = 0
    * OS error = Inappropriate ioctl for device
    * Eval error = 0 

Error message  :   Error parsing the mtzdump output of
Cell/symmetry/resolution information is missing 

             However, my mtz file was created by CCP4 5.02 and all information are presented inside. Even if I copied a data file form tutorial directory in $BDG_home/busterfiles/datafiles/, the error was still there. As a consequence of this error, I cannot continue to run the program.

       Any help will be highly appreciated. 

With kind regards

Wei Liu
Center for Structural Biochemistry
Karolinska Institute
Novum 14157, Huddinge
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