[buster-discuss] Buster and CCP4-4.2.2

Craig Morton cmorton at svi.edu.au
Wed Oct 11 03:32:26 BST 2006

Having had to reinstall ccp4-4.2.2 to get Buster working, I was 
wondering if someone can list *exactly* which bits of ccp4-4.2.2 are 
critical to keeping Buster happy.

As I am already keeping ccp4-5 and ccp4-6 running in parallel for other 
reasons, I'd like to cut back the ccp4-4.2.2 installation to just those 
essential files while having Buster locate the rest of the libraries 
etc. it needs in our more current ccp4-6.0.1 installation. The saving on 
disk space in not having 3 concurrent ccp4 installations will be 



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