[buster-discuss] rejected refleXions in refine version 2.10.2

wtempel wtempel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 6 22:29:15 CEST 2017

includes a dead link to a file hkl_reject.html
Is there another file that would allow me to view an analysis of rejected
In my case, the lower resolution limit changes from 25 Å (hklin) to 12 Å
(reported in refine.pdb), corresponding to approx. 25 reflexions. The
diffraction images may have had some overloaded pixels, and scaling
statistics show the low resolution shell less complete than the overall
data set. I would like to confirm that those lowest 25 or so reflexions
were in fact rejected by buster. Would the ensuing loss to the quality of
my model justify the added complexity introduced by possibly merging the
high resolution (synchrotron) data with an earlier, lower resolution
rotating anode data set from the same crystal?
Thank you.
Wolfram Tempel
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