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Chapter 6

When trouble strikes

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There are various places one should start to look. Some of these are available to the user, some only to the SHARP site administrator.

This is a probably a very incomplete list of possible problems - it just serves as a first point of reference. For additional information, please go directly to where up-to-date information should be maintained.



From the large number of available browsers, we support (at the moment): Netscape 4.7X, Firefox and Mozilla. Others will probably work too. Make sure that you have Java-Script activated (e.g. in Netscape in "Edit"-> "Preferences" -> "Advanced"; similar options should be available for other browsers).

Several of the pages are being updated while the programs are running. You may need to hit the "Reload" button from time to time (use e.g. "Shift-Reload" under Netscape to force a reload).

To view results (plots, maps and models) directly from the interface, the mime-type handling of the browser needs to be adjusted. However, the resulting maps and models can also be generated outside of this system - see Appendix One.


The programs are all run through the httpd. Since this demon runs under a certain user id on the server, you have to make sure that this user has the right permissions in your sharpfiles directory (and its sub-directories).

As a general rule:


If you expect some problems, try to find out at which step it was failing:
  1. during job submission:

    Each new SHARP or autoSHARP job will create a new sub-directory in your sharpfiles/logfiles directory (actually, this will be only a link to the "local logfiles" directory sharpfiles/logfiles.<machine>, which itself is a link to the "real" directory on your machine). If this directory is not created there is a problem during job submission. Although this should have been reported through the interface, it might be a good idea to look in $BDG_home/sushi/logs/error_log - probably only the SHARP site administrator has access to this file.

  2. during the job:

    All possible problems should be reported in the main log files produced by SHARP (LIST.html) or autoSHARP (LISTautoSHARP.html). Any additional problems are in the STDERR file.

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