See also the PDB summary.

From an all-defaults autoPROC run we have a highly-redundant 2.3A dataset. Since it was collected at 1.9A wavelength, the idea is to use S-SAD phasing for structure solution.

We also have the sequence (95 residues, 4 Met and 1 Cys):


Initial autoSHARP run

We start autoSHARP through the default (httpd-based) interface and give it the following information for a SAD experiment:

  • the sequence file
  • searching for 5 sulfurs (per monomer)
  • wavelength of data is 1.9A
  • reflection file ""

which after 10 minutes gives us

1 chain with 87 residues : 1 docked in sequence (87 residues [R/Rfree=0.236/0.353]
2QVO-SAD-WikiRun0.0_view1.png 2QVO-SAD-WikiRun0.0_view2.png