Solving potential problems in getting BUSTER suite programs to run


  • For OMP abort type errors see BusterFAQ page.


If you any of the applications in the MakeTNT toolset fail to run, please use the following checklist:

Are you using a supported system?

Check here: SystemRequirements

Are the required 32-bit libraries installed?

  • Are you running the 32-bit distribution of BUSTER on a 64-bit Linux distribution? If so, make sure that you have installed the package containing the 32-bit glibc compatibility libraries, if these are not included in the glibc package by default.
    • On some RPM-based systems (e.g. SUSE, openSUSE or Novell) the package is called glibc-32bit or similar. On others, the required 32-bit libraries are contained in the same package as the 64-bit ones and should be present without any special action having been taken.
    • On Ubuntu and Debian, the package is called libc6-i386

Is your environment causing conflicts?

It is possible to set the following environment variables in ways that will prevent some of the MakeTNT applications from running: CLASSPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Linux), DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH/DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH (OS X).

In general, setting these environment variables in an interactive environment can cause many problems and is best avoided. If particular applications require these variables to be set, this is best done from inside a "wrapper" shell script. If you suspect that these environment variables are causing the problem, please download the file, go to the directory where you downloaded it in a shell prompt, and execute the following commands:

chmod 755
/bin/mv $BDG_home/MakeTNT/bin/ $BDG_home/MakeTNT/bin/
/bin/cp $BDG_home/MakeTNT/bin

Then try running a command such as MakeTNT -h again. This file has not been fully tested, and its use should be considered experimental. If you try using it, please let us know if it fixed your problem or not.

If all else fails

Please contact us ( with details of the system that you are using. If running a Linux system, first download the file, make sure that you have set up your environment to run BUSTER, and execute the downloaded file with the following commands:

chmod 755

This should create a file gcj-diagnostics-<hostname>.tgz: please attach this file to your e-mail.

We do not have a similar script yet for OS X: if you contact us for help it would be helpful if you tell us the version of OS X you are using and the settings of DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and CLASSPATH in your environment.

Any questions regarding our software or this wiki should be directed to