BUSTER documentation

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The manuals for the various components within BUSTER are distributed with the package and also are available online here:

Component Description Current release
BUSTER BUSTER structure refinement package. Includes the refine program for running BUSTER refinement and loads of useful utilities. html reference card
grade Program to produce ligand geometry restraint dictionaries using information from CSD structures combined with QM methods html wiki
Rhofit Program for automated fitting of ligands into difference density html
Pipedream Expert system to automate data processing, structure refinement and ligand fitting html reference card
MakeTNT Set of tools to implement an older approach for producing restraints given reliable 3D coordinates for a model of the ligand html wiki
gelly Internal codename for the geometry function calculation and optimisation used in most parts of BUSTER (eg grade). In practice only advanced users need worry about gelly - the most relevant part of the manual describes the syntax for telling BUSTER to treat sets of atoms specially html
installation Generic installation instructions html

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